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PRImaGate VoIP - ISDN PRI - GSM Multichannel Gateway - Router - FCT - fixed cellular terminal

Products : GSM Gateways

PRImaGate VoIP - ISDN PRI - GSM - UMTS Multichannel Gateway - Router - FCT - fixed cellular terminal

End of life - EOL - discontinued product

PRImaGate as your multichannel VoIP to GSM gateway - router or as your digital Mobile Extender and CLIP Callback router.

Fixed-line in the office is now available also on your mobile phone or on 3 selected numbers (e.g. your home, mobile phone, hotel room).

Your mobile phone rings at the same time as your office fixed line, so you won´t miss any important call. No special set up of the office fixed line is required (such as conditional or unconditional call forwarding).

The Mobile Extender feature is an ideal replacement of expensive DECT or WiFi systems.

Your mobile becomes a parallel office line - you can receive or transfer to another extension all fixed-line office calls. 

CLIP Callback feature is a useful tool for reducing phone bills on your mobile - from your mobile you can call free to your company or make cheap international calls via a VoIP provider of your company. 

Keep just one phone directory - on your mobile phone.

Make up to 64 concurrent calls via the VoIP board of PRImaGate or up to 60 simultaneous calls via PRImaGate by using two dials through EuroISDN PRI ports or share the capacity of PRImaGate by 2 companies for example.

Make up to 32 mobile in/out calls via 32 GSM channels. All channels have got their own DISA, so all users of Mobile Extender and Call back can use the service simultaneously.  

  • Compact highly sophisticated system in 3U, 19´´ rack
  • 4x PRI port (NT/TE configurable)
  • SIP-based VoIP board (up to 64 channels)
  • Max. 60 simultaneous calls via ISDN PRI
  • Max. 64 simultaneous calls via VoIP board
  • Max. 32 GSM calls
  • CLIP callback
  • Mobile Extender - no more missed calls on your office fixed-line - no call forward or call divert required
  • SMS at no answer incl. the extension number of the calling party in the text message
  • Two-stage dialing for incoming callback calls
  • It supports full remote supervision and configuration via an IP network or USB port
  • Fully client-oriented flexible system
  • Highly reliable in cooperation with GSM networks and ISDN
  • Hot-swappable
    • Configuration alterations can be made without resetting, i.e. under full operation
  • Connection to the exchange through ISDN PRI/E1 interface with DSS1 signaling or QSIG
  • Connection to DTMF extension line through direct dialing
  • Connection directly to the operator or the determined line
  • Connection to the operator after a time period elapse (adjustable) to select an extension line
  • Transfer of the number of the calling subscriber in the exchange (CLIP)
  • Limitation of outgoing calls in GSM network
  • Limitation of incoming calls from GSM network
  • Priority connection through each of GSM module (LCR)
  • Setting own time rate by 1 second or only in case of establishing a connection
  • Selection of the GSM service provider separately for each GSM module
  • SIM card protection using a PIN
  • Detailed gate parameters setting from PC through a program for Windows 98/2000/XP
  • Channel association 1:1with GSM modules
  • Call progress tone ON/OFF
  • Echo cancelation
  • Roaming ON/OFF
  • Diagnostics of
    • ISDN lines
    • GSM Modules
    • Status and Credit
    • Status of modules with signal quality
  • Statistics
  • SMS server
  • Alarm indication
  • Power supply 8-12 V DC
  • More info? Please write to us. - End of life - EOL - discontinued product

PRImaGate VoIP - ISDN PRI - GSM Multichannel Gateway - Router - FCT - fixed cellular terminal

Products : GSM Gateways

End of life - EOL - discontinued product



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